Mladen Djankovic Gives Tips on How to Find Good Companies for Licensing

2019-01-29 By Maya Pillai

Mladen Djankovic Gives Tips on How to Find Good Companies for Licensing

To find good possible companies for licensing, you will have to read trade publications, go to trade shows, attend industry meetings and association and join industry associations. When you attend trade shows and meeting, speak with as many individuals as you can. Individuals will be more open to talking during these times since they will not be so busy. Sales agents are also good contacts given that they will know which companies require one of the benefits listed below.

You have to have a good idea of the industry to know which companies would profit most from your idea. In addition, making all these contacts will help you to know who the right people like Mladen Djankovic to contact in each company are.

Who to Approach in Companies about Licensing                                

Sales and marketing people are always the finest starting point when approaching a company about licensing. They think about the most about having a new product for market exhilaration, having a complete product line and getting more market penetrations. Focus on turning a national or regional sales manager or a marketing individual into an advocate for your product and you will raise your probability of licensing the product.

When licensing your product, you will make less for each sale than selling it yourself, but in some instances licensing will significantly enhance your sales. The license will sell the product under its own name, significantly increasing credibility if the licensee is a well-known market player like Mladen Djankovic . These improved volumes can cause you to make more cash in the long run. Licensing is generally better for products with a restricted shelf life because the licensee will permit you to swiftly move into the market. If you have a product that will be sizzling today, but old news tomorrow, you may miss your window of prospect if you try to commence the product yourself. But if you are seeking to begin a company and bring in other products yourself, you may have to try to sell the product yourself, setting up your brand and letting you to introduce other products under that same product. Even if you are not seeking to start a company, licensing will not work out for you. But there are other alternatives, like Private Label agreements, that will permit you to use another company’s market recognition and presence to increase your sales and permit you to not be concerned about the marketing of your product.

When seeking to license a product to complete a product line, just consider companies selling to your target market. Are their holes in their manufactured goods? If they already have a comparable product, you will be hard pressed to influence them to license yours. Companies make less wealth when they license products, so they have a preference to stick with their own if they already have them. Your product will actually require being leaps and bounds in front of their product for them to drop theirs and begin selling yours.


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