Top 4 Tradeshow Follow up Best Practices

2018-07-28 By Admin

Top 4 Tradeshow Follow up Best Practices

One of the primary objectives of attending tradeshows is to collect leads, which can then be nurtured and turned into sales a few weeks or months down the line. However, most businesses fail miserably at getting the most out of their leads, simply because they don’t know how to do follow-ups the right way. If you haven’t been successful with your follow ups, here are a few best practices worth considering to increase your chances of closing more sales from the leads:

Set aside time to call your leads

Dedicate time to call all the leads collected during the tradeshow marketing event. During this time, block out everything so that you can fully focus on reaching as many leads as possible, and concentrate on nurturing them to take the desired action. Don’t let yourself get distracted with emails, colleagues or anything that may cause you to get distracted from reaching the leads.

Know the goal of the call in advance

Before you begin dialing the phone, know exactly what you will be trying to achieve, and know what you are going to say. Depending on the goal of the call, develop a script, with a clear opening line and follow up statements that are going to guide the conversation towards achieving the goal. Additionally, stay on the call until you determine there is no chance of achieving that goal, or you agree on what step to take next.

Be consistent

With follow ups after tradeshows, it is common to be tempted to stop calling after getting discouraged with the responses you get from the first few people you call. The key to overcoming this is to simply be consistent and keep on calling until you reach the very last person in the list.

Avail yourself at odd times

Some people may request you to call back later because they were occupied at the time you made the call. If you don’t want to lose such leads, be ready to avail yourself at the time they indicated as the most appropriate, even though sometimes it may be outside of your business hours. These are just some of the sacrifices you will need to make to get a sale.


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