How PMVA helps to deal with conflicts at work?

How PMVA helps to deal with conflicts at work?

Christmas is the season of rejoicing, but all this excitement leads to arguments and fights, not in homes only but in the workplaces also. It becomes difficult to deal with seasonal stresses of the busy season and avoid conflicts.

Aggression due to alcohol consumption, people on nights out with rude attitude and nasty driving find their selves in hospital corridors. These drunken and aggressive Brits are real mess to handle. Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression or PMVA training is the real tool that helps individuals working in bars, hospitals, and for delivery services to come out of these critical situations.

Aim of PMVA training:

The main aims of prevention and management of violence and aggression are:

  • Ways to assess and safely manage people who may have potential or actual risk of violence and aggression towards themselves or others.
  • Helping people and resolving their conflicts or issues regardless of their gender, disability, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion or spiritual beliefs.
  • Teaching a hierarchy of proportionate responses to address a range of violent or aggressive behaviours.

PMVA training is mandatory for hospital staff and public dealing workers. This training has three levels of training. Level 1 training must be undertaken every two years is a Breakaway and Personal Safety program that is for non-clinical staff. While its Level 2 training is especially for clinical staff. It is comprises of mainly a 5 days program along with subsequent two-day refreshers with two yearly intervals.

How this training program works?

Prevention and Management of violence and Aggression program has three main ways to deal with aggression and violence.

  1. Developing knowledge and awareness about various legal and professional frameworks, behavioral impact of aggressive situations, and how to utilize aggression models to encourage empathy.
  2. Development of practical interpersonal skills such as active listening, peaceful communication, and de-escalation strategies.
  3. This is about learning proportionate physical responses to escalate violent behaviors. This is the way to implement physical skills to bring a violent situation under control or to breakaway form assault.

BASIS TRAINING has PMVA instructors who have command in developing knowledge, skills and competencies among trainees to cope with any kind of violent situation. Prominent features of PMVA training from BASIS TRAINING are:

  • Fast learning techniques
  • Friendly, professional, and expert trainers with complete knowledge of their field
  • Complete knowledge about laws and legislations’
  • Affordable price range



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