Snow removal service is your best option

Snow removal service is your best option

The cheapest snow plow is certainly not the best solution. You risk being dissatisfied with the quality and frequency of your snow plow, with almost non-existent customer service, and even at the risk of paying for no longer having service after a certain time without forgetting the risk of not have your calls returned.

To help you see more clearly and better ensure your choice, here are some important points to consider.

Important points to consider:

In order to determine which snow Removal Companyor Brands is right for you, you must start by establishing your needs and priorities at the site.

  • Frequency of snow removal
  • The frequency of service as the number of passes that your company conduct has during every storm.
  • The time when the first clearing should be done
  • Duration of your snow removal contract

Check that the start and end dates of the winter snow removal contract are satisfactory. Take the time and ask what will happen if it snows outside of these dates.

Minimum accumulation required to clear snow

The best reference for the minimum accumulation required before the start of a snow removal operation is your municipality. In Wisconsin, the City is launching its snow removal operations on residential streets following an accumulation of 5 cm of snow on the ground. Also make sure that the snow plow does not wait for the end of the precipitation to pass only once.

Customer service

In order to provide good customer service, a snow removal company must be able to answer your calls, during and after precipitation.

Price-performance ratio

Is the quality of service offered worth the price charged by the snow removal company? What are you willing to sacrifice to pay a few dollars less? Peace of mind comes at a price. The savings will certainly be felt by a lack of service, whether in terms of the frequency or quality of snow removal, customer service, or even when the time comes to repair any damage that may occur during the snow clearing operations.

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