Pandemic Surprise: Health Insurance Doesn’t Equal Wellbeing

We have learned a lot about ourselves since the start of the COVID pandemic. Both personally and professionally, we have learned that life can turn on a dime. The lessons do not stop there. Even corporate America has learned a thing or two. For example, companies have begun figuring out that health insurance does not equal wellbeing.

This could be the biggest pandemic surprise of all in the corporate environment. For the better part of a decade, wellbeing in the workplace has been tied to health insurance premiums. Companies embarked on wellbeing initiatives so that they could check a box on their insurance applications in order to keep rates lower. But practically speaking, viewing wellbeing through that perspective accomplished little – if anything at all.

A New Emphasis on Wellbeing

The COVID pandemic forced companies to place a new emphasis on wellbeing. What it did not do is tell employers how to go about it. Employees stepped up and provided the answer. They did so in multiple ways, including making it be known that they prefer working from home.

Forbes Councils Member Alan Fergusson wrote a post in late July 2022 discussing how the COVID pandemic and remote work has influenced the wellbeing concept. In his piece, he cited the survey from the National Business Group on Health and Optimum revealing that working from home actually improves employee wellbeing.

Among the 2,000 employees surveyed, many reported that working at home gave them more economy over the jobs. It reduced their stress as well, including stress involved with the daily commute. As a result, they were happier and more productive.

Wellbeing Is about the Work

The one thing we seem to have missed all these years is understanding what wellbeing in the workplace is all about. It is not about physical or mental health. It is not about productivity and efficiency. All those things are ways to measure employee wellbeing. But wellbeing itself is about the work being performed and how it is being performed.

Employees who feel like nothing more than a cog in the wheel tend to be more unhappy about their jobs. In the end, they rate their wellbeing comparatively lower than happy employees. The fact is that workers would rather feel respected and valued by management than get a free lunch. They would rather know their input is taken seriously than attend the company-sponsored summer picnic.

The Great Resignation as Proof

There will always be those employers who do not want to associate a poor work environment with equally poor employee wellbeing. But the proof is there to be seen. Take the Great Resignation. Stepping back and observing the Great Resignation’s driving forces clearly demonstrates that unhappy employees are resigning in hopes of finding something better elsewhere.

BenefitMall, a Dallas general agency that represents more than a hundred carriers along with thousands of brokers, has written extensively about the Great Resignation. Many of their posts go back to the same basic concept: employees are no longer willing to work under the old model. They are no longer willing to be treated as human resources. They are demanding to be treated like human beings.

Employee wellbeing is more about work environment than health insurance. It is about how employees view themselves in the larger picture that is the workplace. If they are unhappy in their current circumstances, their wellbeing will suffer. No amount of health insurance benefits, gym memberships, etc. will change that.

Improving employee wellbeing is a matter of changing the way employees are treated. Treat them right and wellbeing goes through the roof. Treat them poorly and wellbeing goes out the window.

High 10 Key Tactics The professionals Use For Same Day Payday.

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Use Smart Electronic Signage Software: Compelling Content Solution

Why communicate with them signage while you can catch their attention is the most advanced way to connect them with digital signage. It is a piece of electronic signage. The digital displays use technologies, such as:

  • LED
  • LCD
  • Projection
  • E-paper

All these technologies are used to display digital video images, weather data, web pages, text, and or restaurant menus.

More improved content management

If you wish to have more appealing content to the viewers, you can use the advantage of smart digital signage. One of the most challenging parts of a business is to catch the attention of the customers. Well, there is no need to say that you need to use the traditional way.

The advanced technology says itself. Also, everyone can use the advantage on all of these for free, if you have the idea. But, if not, then you can look for an expert. More improved content management uses online signage since millions of users are in the digital world today.

Which business does it help?

The online signage functions in various settings:

  • public spaces
  • museums
  • sporting arenas
  • churches
  • academic buildings
  • retail stores
  • corporate spaces
  • restaurants

Digital or online signage is used in providing:

  • Public information
  • Convey internal communication
  • Share product information

All these can help to improve customer service, advertisements, and brand recognition. It is a powerful and advanced way to influence decision-making and customer behavior while enhancing consumer experiences through interactive screens.

Ways to use

  • Promotions. Virtual signage displays are a better place to feature promotions for sales, events, products, and services. And because multimedia screens use animation and video added to the rotating graphics, advertisers may link online signage content featuring:
  • Static ads
  • Product demonstrations
  • Video testimonials

Retail settings are one of the most common places where you can find and see virtual signage.

  • Service offerings. While fixed displays and paper menus are common, businesses can list their offers in the most artistic digital displays. With digital displays, salons, restaurants, auto repair shops, spas, and more can offer rotating information and content on walls, windows, or attractive digital screens.
  • Inspirational quotes. The digital display doesn’t have to be a promotion or advertisement. You can entertain, inspire, and inform potential customers with content featuring notable quotes. With an inspirational quote, making a digital display can be more engaging than instantly lifting visitors’ moods. Organizations, such as health and wellness establishments can leverage inspirational quotes to boost productivity and create a welcoming environment.
  • Interactive games and forms. Who says digital screens must be restricted to the wall to display certain information? Let users engage and control them. The interactive digital display helps users select content, subscribe to email newsletters, and play games. In this way, you can collect key information from guests.

There are a lot of advantages to getting from the digital display, if you own a business, appreciate the benefits of it.

Ensure Your Employee Welfare with Group Accident Insurance Policy

Employee compensation packages have gone beyond the basic pay. Employers now include various added benefits for their employees’ financial well-being to boost employee morale and foster loyalty. Insurance plans form a crucial part of employee wellness benefits. A group personal accident insurance plan is one such coverage that can provide financial protection to your employees.

What is group personal accident insurance?

A group personal accident plan covers accidental contingencies suffered by the insured members of the group. The policy covers the following contingencies that might arise as a result of an accident –

  • Death
  • Permanent disablement
  • Total disablement
  • Partial disablement

Moreover, depending on the plan that you choose, the coverage might also include the following –

  • Temporary total disablement
  • Transportation of mortal remains
  • Fractures
  • Cost of ambulance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Lifestyle modification due to disablement
  • Education fund for dependent children

Benefits of group personal accident insurance

A group personal accident plan is beneficial for both employees and the employer. Here are the primary benefits of the policy –

For employees:

  • Comprehensive coverage

The policy provides a comprehensive scope of coverage against accidental eventualities. Group personal accident plans offer a range of both inbuilt and optional coverage benefits to ensure that your employees can enjoy comprehensive coverage against accidents.

  • Financial protection

If any employee suffers accidental death or disablement, the plan pays a lump sum benefit to the employee or the nominated family member. 100% of the sum insured is payable in the case of accidental death or permanent total disablement. In the case of permanent partial disablement, a specified percentage of the sum insured is paid. Such benefits provide the injured employee’s family with the financial support needed to deal with such an emergency.

Furthermore, some group personal accident policies allow you to enhance the scope of coverage beyond death and disablement. The enhanced coverage makes your employees’ financial well-being a leading priority. For instance, if the plan allows an education fund for the employee’s children, a lump sum benefit would be paid in addition to the claim. It would secure the children’s future even when their parents are not around.

  • Cost-effective 

Group personal accident plans are pretty affordable in terms of premiums. The premiums are very low against the considerable quantum and scope of coverage provided. Group personal accident coverage does not pinch the business or the employee’s pocket, no matter who pays the premiums.

For the employer 

  • Easy availability and claim

Many insurance companies offer group personal accident plans to cover policyholders in the event of disablement or death. Employers can obtain the policy quickly, either online or offline. You can also compare the coverage provided by different plans vis-à-vis the premium charged. The comparison would help you pick a policy that offers the most inclusive scope of coverage without burning a hole in your or your employees’ pockets.

Moreover, in the case of claims, the process is quite simple. Your employees can get a digital health ID card online, which would serve as proof of coverage. They can use the card to make a claim whenever they face any contingency covered under the plan. Once the claim is verified, the insurer pays the amount to help your employees and their families deal with the financial loss that they might have suffered.

  • Helps in fulfilling social responsibility 

Employers are socially responsible for compensating their employees and/or their families if anything untoward happens to them. This compensation, however, can put a dent in the company’s cash reserves, especially in the case of start-ups or SMEs.

A group personal accident policy proves relevant in such scenarios. They help you fulfil your social responsibility without putting a great deal of strain on your reserves during an unfortunate emergency by compensating your employees.

  • Helps attract and retain talent

Employees today look for value-added benefits aside from the pay package that organisations provide. A group personal accident plan can attract talent to your organisation by providing a value-added benefit. Moreover, you can foster employee loyalty and retain well-performing employees with the coverage provided.

  • Builds employee morale and boosts productivity

When employees are financially secure, they tend to give their best to their job. This, in turn, increases productivity. Moreover, employees feel a sense of gratitude when their organisation cares for their financial wellness. Enhanced employee morale, in turn, results in a productive and healthy workplace.

  • Enhances profitability 

Good talent, enhanced morale, and productivity ultimately lead to enhanced profitability. Your organisation can grow and become more profitable with group personal accident coverage.

Wrapping Up!

Group personal accident insurance plans add a layer of financial protection to your employees’ portfolios. The policy is cost-effective, provides a broad scope of coverage and is readily available. Additionally, it can prove beneficial for your organisation by helping you recruit and motivate the right talent, besides ensuring their productivity and retaining them.

An accidental group insurance plan is an excellent way for employers to show their employees that they care about their well-being. It is high time you invested in a group personal accident policy for your employees, who are the lifeblood of your organisation. So why wait? Make sure you choose an appropriate insurance plan that includes optional features for all-around protection and provide your employees with the financial security they need.

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