6 Ways to Build a Modern Law Firm

6 Ways to Build a Modern Law Firm

To elevate a law firm and take it above the competition, take advantage of strategies that will modernize operations. It is an expense that will be worth every dollar, especially in terms of improving client satisfaction, enhancing employee productivity, and boosting profitability. Read on and we’ll share some of the best things to do to modernize your law firm.

1.  Use Legal Billing Software

Traditionally, billables are recorded manually. In this digital age, such should no longer be the case. Use legal billing software to automate the recording of billables, making the process less prone to errors. Using the right software will also allow automatic creation of invoices and sending them electronically based on a predetermined schedule. Plus, it will allow clients to conveniently settle payments in online channels.

2.  Build a Mobile App

In this mobile era, a mobile app can be greatly beneficial for modern law firms. This will bring legal services closer to law firms. The app can be used as a lawyer-client portal, which can improve accessibility. It can also be a marketing platform to promote the law firm effectively. For the mobile app to be effective, it should be well-designed. More than being user-friendly, it also needs to be secure.

3.  Operate in a Virtual Office

Rather than having traditional brick and mortar operations, modern law firms can consider establishing a virtual presence instead. This is a good idea for a new law firm. Not everyone will have the luxury of financial resources to avoid expensive office spaces. By operating virtually, it will be easier to get started on the right foot. To do this effectively, it will help to use a top-notch law practice management software, such as what RocketMatter can provide.

4.  Use Social Media

In the past, law firms have to rely on traditional marketing platforms, such as print. While these can still be effective, to be a modern organization, a business must harness the power of social media. By having a social media account, you are bringing your law firm closer to your target market. It can be an effective channel to nurture relationships. Use social media platforms to get your message across.

5.  Change Your Pricing Strategy

A lot of law firms have a fixed pricing strategy. As a part of modernization, law firms might consider having more flexible pricing arrangements. This can also lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. Pricing should be determined upon negotiation between the parties involved and must be flexible from one client to another.

6.  Create a Contemporary Workplace

Being a modern law firm is not just all about innovative tools and systems. Modernization is also possible through office design. Office space impacts employee well-being, so the design is a crucial consideration. Modern office design often incorporates natural elements, such as in terms of lighting and cooling. From standing desks to shared workspaces, consider modern office trends to build a more productive workplace.

Now is the time to take your law firm to the next level! From using legal billing software to having more flexible pricing strategies, consider our recommendations above to modernize your organization.

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