Essential Capture Planning for Strategic Wins

Essential Capture Planning for Strategic Wins

Federal Contracts are lucrative, beneficial, but hard to get. The moment you hear the word Federal you know that the Government is involved. And Government means lots of laws, regulations, terms and conditions, and many other rules. However, the US Government still remains the larger buyer and consumer in the world.

If you’re thinking about entering the competition about an opportunity, then you must take into consideration that you need to invest a lot of time, efforts, and even budget to achieve your ultimate goal: The Award. Of course, if you’re a past contractor or have participated before in the process, then you already know the process. If this is your first time, make sure to understand the importance of capture management services and what is the essential capture planning for a strategic winning!

A Comprehensive Capture Plan

Drafting a step-by-step plan to prepare for your proposal development is key to a streamlined and effective process. Find out where you need to focus for a great final result!

Capture the Right Opportunity

Filling your pipeline opportunity with opportunities that do not fit to your business in the best way can be the first and tremendous mistake that will lead you to a misfortunate competing process. Make sure that your capture management team understands what you need to offer to the Government. This way they’ll identify only opportunities that are suitable to pursue and increase your winning chances!

Find Valuable Resources

Create a Compliance Matrix that will help you keep a well-structured process in compliance with the requirements of the RFP received from the Government. According to this matrix, determine what resources you need to create a winning strategy. Get your team into research to identify qualities that will make your plan a successful one.

Identify Customer’s Goals

A detailed research about the Federal agency that is making the purchase of services/products is essential if you want to gain important insight about the real goals of your customer. Find out what they need and how they want to receive it. Take your time to establish a connection that will provide you with valuable information in order to make a great capture plan for a strategic win!

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