Tips for keeping the air ducts of your house clean

Tips for keeping the air ducts of your house clean

It is essential to make sure that your house is clean from all the dust and the pollutants that are striking the air in the house. The dust in the air can affect the quality of air that you are breathing, and the dust on reaching your lungs can cause damage to them as well. Therefore, you should try to keep your house clean and for this you have to keep the air ducts, which are the main sources of the entrance and exit of the air, to be kept clean and dust free. Therefore, the vent and duct cleaning is something very important.

Now the question that might pop into your mind is what is the right time for the cleaning of the air ducts and the answer can be given with three observations. First, when you see the proper mold or grime clinging to the ducts and the components of the cooling system. Second, there is excessive amount of dust and debris on the ducts. Third that the dust particles could be seen in the air as well. All these things if observed, means that the ducts are to be cleaned now.

Here are some tips that you can use to clean the air ducts of the house.

  • Turn off the power for the heating and cooling system of the air ducts for the safety purposes.
  • Next you are going to unscrew the grills of the vent and clean them off with the help of a brush. Properly clean al the grates of the grill and make use of soap to get rid of all the grime.
  • Next, you are going to make use of a heavy duty vacuum cleaner and clean the ducts thoroughly. Blow the air in the ducts as much as you can and if you find it difficult to clean them yourself, you can hire the services of the professionals in the field of air duct cleaning.
  • Do not forget about the cleaning of the grills of the ducts in the ceiling of your house. Make use of the vacuum cleaner to clear them off the dust as well. Cleaning the vents in the ceiling is a difficult job, so make sure that you have the right equipment for it. You can make use of a broom to clean the dust in these vents, if not possible, then hire someone to do it for you. Also, when you are starting to work on the grills, you should make use of the mask to avoid the dust and dirt to go in with your breathe.

Remember, whenever you are about to clean the air ducts of the house, you have to take safety into account as well. Use the proper tools and equipment required for it so that you are not injured. Keeping these ducts clean, will improve the efficiency of your cooling and heating machines as well.

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