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Free International Films And Movies | Search Free International Films And Movies‎‎

Are you a fan of movies about love and happy endings? Or maybe you prefer something that has you gripping the edge of your seat in terror? Perhaps, you are a fan of the old classics, where a hero slays his dragons and saves the world? Even avid horror movie fans have to admit, there are days that the darkness doesn’t do it for you. You want a monster but the kind of monster who has you laughing your heart out. A movie that offers a bit of both world is nice every now and then. We dug into the dark and bright side and selected 5 of our favorites movies to get you started.


This psychological thriller follows a disgraced financial reporter who seeks a chance to redeem himself in his latest assignment. He has been called in to investigate a murder/disappearance that happened 40 years ago and is believed to be perpetrated by a family member. With the help of a young female investigator, and hacker, a sordid tale of murders, rape and serial killings is uncovered, and the identity of the true killer is revealed. The short-lived affair between the journalist and the hacker was rather disappointing but the movie was exciting to watch.


A supernatural horror film begins with the discovery of the corpse of an unidentified woman in what appears to be a bizarre homicide. The coroner and his son are asked to conduct an autopsy to determine cause of death and things get even weirder. While there are no physical signs of external injuries, what they find on the inside belies the horror the Jane Doe must have suffered. But before the coroners can make sense of the situation, strange things begin to happen in the morgue. There is no happy ending here. Just a promise that the horrors are just beginning.


A former drug lord (Hari Dhadha) under the guise of Union leader schemes and bullies his way into stealing from the poor but hard-working people of this slum community. As he attains a more influential position of Minister, his ambitions become more insidious. The only thing standing in his way now is leader of the people, Kaala who has firmly opposed him for years. Kaala encourages the people to protest and after many deaths and killings, HariDhadha is finally destroyed.


A mother travels to her father’s home with her children after his death to settle his estate. But what should have a been a short emotional trip down memory lane quickly became a nightmare as her kids are held hostage by a group of 4 thieves who believe money is hidden in the house. Their plan was to steal and leave quietly but when one member of the team kills, things go south from there. This mother must find a way to save her children.


Johnny Depp plays the wacky character of Sherlock Gnomes who has been called to investigate a case of missing gnomes. His mission is to find them and bring them home. Bumbling their way through clues, Gnomeo and Juliet team up with Sherlockto uncover this treacherous plot and save all the gnomes.

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