If Google thinks about Branding, so should you!

If Google thinks about Branding, so should you!

Google is one of the world’s largest companies, conquering not only the internet with its search engine but also the realm of physical devices thanks to its Android smartphone ecosystem.

In years gone by, it was announced that Google would be absorbed into a new firm known as Alphabet, enabling it to sit alongside riskier projects without being directly beholden to them.

Then Google’s long-standing logo design was ditched in favour of a much simpler and perhaps more austere replacement. This was enacted as part of a wider rebranding, under which the look and feel of the various services that fall under Google’s remit are being tweaked for a new era. Companies can contact a Gloucestershire Branding Agency to help them along their way and even Google who are a successful company that spend millions on branding, imagery and content haven’t taken it lightly so neither should you.
So why has Google chosen this point in time to take a new direction with its branding, and what can users and businesses learn from its actions?

Dawn of the Mobile Age

Google has not been beating about the bush in terms of what the new logo is intended to achieve. It is designed to represent the fact that the firm no longer exists solely as a provider of a search engine for desktop browsers but has become a multi-platform entity which has to reshape itself for billions of users harnessing myriad mobile devices.

While the logo change could be seen as part of the wider shift in graphic design and typography towards a flatter, cleaner appearance devoid of ornament, as seen in Apple’s iOS and other platforms in recent years, there are other motivations behind it.

Lessons Learned

If it was not clear already, Google’s rebranding is a recognition of the growing power of mobile devices.

The fact that the logo is less visually complex also means that it is more malleable, enabling it to appear on displays ranging from four inches to thirty inches or more without looking out of place. And the quicker it can load via a wireless connection, the more of the mobile search market Google will capture.

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