Repair and restoration after fire and smoke

Repair and restoration after fire and smoke

Fire not only produce smoke and soot but burn valuable property and contents to ashes. After firefighting water hoses increase flooding and fire extinguishers add to damage. Fire does extensive damage to surfaces of properties, including walls, ceilings, flooring, doors, windows, contents, appliances and other valuables. Fire produce smoke and soot after burning of different materials like wood, plastic and others, which is very harmful for respiratory system. Different chemicals are produced on burning and can cause serious illness or even death if inhaled.

After fire experience, the property needs wide-ranging cleaning and restoration to its pre-fire condition. You need to call fire restoration professionals without wasting any time to avoid permanent and corrosive damage to your property and contents. Fire and water damage service provide quick response and arrive at affected place with their team of experts to analyze the extent of damage. They do the area inspection thoroughly as what things can be salvaged and how much rebuilding is required as per damage.

Fire and smoke cleaning and restoration involve many steps and features such as cleaning up and removing smoke odor, soot residue, burnt contents and structure, rebuilding, repainting and restoring salvageable contents. Technicians and experts use advanced equipment and techniques to restore the property to customer’s safety and comfort.

Smoke odor penetrates into HVAC system and ducts of the building and need appropriate cleaning. Smoke odor and soot particles remain stay in atmosphere and damage the air quality. Smoke is absorbed by furniture, carpets, upholstery, clothes and other things. Soot residue cling and stay to the walls, ceilings and cabinets if proper cleaning is not done by professionals.

When smoke and soot cleaning and restoring of your place and contents are done by professionals, you should not worry any more. Service restore are available 24/7 in emergencies, any time of day even in vacations. Every fire incident is unique but cleaning and restoration process is same and includes:


After arrival of team, inspection is done by professionals to decide accurate estimation of loss and its cleaning and restoration. They examine the structural damage and assess the repair expenses.


They board up all missing windows and doors and place tarps on roofs to protect them from further damage from rain and thieves.

Water removal and drying

Extraction of water is done by wet vacuums and powerful pumps. After water removal, complete drying of the place is done by using air movers and industrial dehumidifiers.

Smoke and soot removal

For the effective and safe cleaning and removal of smoke and soot residue, powerful and safe cleaning solutions, equipment and techniques are used. Surface cleaning is very important to remove soot permanently from walls, ceilings and counters.

Sanitization and deodorization

Cleaning and sanitization of structure and contents are done by professionals using advanced techniques to restore them to pre-loss condition. They use air scrubbers, fogging equipment and deodorizers to remove smoke odor.


After all cleaning, repairing and restoring is done as per requirement such as reconstruction of floorings or replacing of drywall or repainting the ceilings and walls to its original condition.

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