Saving Money with Self Storage

Saving Money with Self Storage

As you look around your home and or apartment, it always seems like you never seem to have enough space. That is not uncommon and it is why there are many facilities for self storage Everett WA facilities throughout town. The trend of it becoming more common for families to rent instead of buying homes means that the self storage industry is going to thrive. Families can use that to their advantage if they manage their self storage needs efficiently and effectively.

The first thing that families need to determine when renting self storage space is determining how much space is going to be needed. When determining the space needed, renters need to figure out their needs in cubic square footage instead of just the floor space. This will help avoid the mistake of renting too much space. Another common mistake is renting too little space. To avoid that, anticipate future space needs accurately. If you are going to err on one side or another, it’s less costly to rent slightly more than you need than it is to rent slightly less. If you make the second mistake, a second entire unit will have to be rented.

Consider the type of items you are going to store in a self storage facility. Store items in the self storage unit that you are unlikely to need in the short term. This means one of the most cost effective categories of items to store is seasonal items. Many seasonal items are bulky and some are odd shaped. These will quickly eat up space in your home if you do not move it to self storage. Instead of letting these seasonal items eat up space in the home, place them in storage and save your home for short term storage for items you need on a weekly/monthly basis.

It is highly unlikely all of your storage that will be long term storage. This is why dividing items into ones you might need in the current month can be an effective way to choose what goes in the self storage unit. These items you might need in the next month should be stored close to the entrance.

Protect the items that you store in your self storage facility. Choose a facility that appears secure and well guarded not only from thieves, but from insects and the weather as well. If your items you have in self storage are damaged when they are being stored, you are not only paying for storing the items, but replacing them as well. Items can shift while they are in storage, so wrap or package those items to protect from slight shifts. The final piece of protection is a high quality lock.

A final tip for getting the most out of your self storage costs goes with labeling your items. This will help you identify fragile items that are in storage your storage facility. Labeling correctly will aid not only in saving time, but storing the items safely.


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