Tips to Choose The Best IP Phone System in Toronto

Tips to Choose The Best IP Phone System in Toronto

For a business to succeed, communication between different departments has to be flawless and reliable. VoIP telephone technology makes this possible while reducing the costs of in-house communication. With so many VoIP phones available, choosing the best type is not always a walk in the park. Since you are reading this, it is safe to assume you agree with this statement. You might have experienced this first-hand.

While they rely on and operate using the same technology, they are not equal. There are different factors one ought to consider including cost-effectiveness, scalability, compatibility, and ease of use. Below are some factors to consider when purchasing the best IP phones in Toronto for your company.


There is no need for investing in a business phone system only to realize later that it is incompatible with your existing phone system. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all business phone systems are compatible with each other – they are not.

That said, to avoid compatibility issues, you should go with open-source systems. But even then, you should check with your IP phone system service provider for guidance before purchasing additional units.

The main thing to look for is the codecs and protocols supported by your service provider. Most phones available will support SIP and other main voice codecs. There are, however, some exceptions. Check to ensure that your choice does not fall under the exception category.

Functions and Features Needed

Modern business phone systems have come a long way. They have evolved into complex systems from the basic voicemail and dial tone systems. Today, many businesses have a need for phone systems that will manage and support instant messaging, telephone calls and video conferencing.

The features the phone system should have, depend on the user and the purpose. For instance, executive persons may need a lot of features compared to reception teams who only have to worry about the simultaneous calls they need to handle.

Some of the standard features include call transferring, waiting, and conference call support. Other features you might need include video conferencing support, larger displays and powerful speakerphones.



Types of IP Phones in Toronto

There are different levels of IP phones. Each come with varied functions and are tailored for various tasks. For instance, an executive IP phone comes with HD audio, touch screens (full-colour), video conferencing support and UC functionality.

Basic IP phone models are tailored for back-office tasks and other environments in which additional functions and features are not needed.

Last but not least, some IP phone models are designed for use in call centres. These provide features such as personalized greetings, automated attendants, call monitoring, call quieting and call recording. Choosing the right type of IP phone in Toronto is imperative. It is a business investment. As such, you need to explicitly state your needs and understand the capabilities of the business phone system you have installed. These things will guide you in choosing the right addition to the system. If you need professional help, by all means, call your current service provider.

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