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Financing or renting? Advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to buying a vehicle, there are many questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge. Type of vehicle, private or professional use, New or second hand, Cash payment or financed. In addition, other options that do not involve owning the car have now been added . This has created a new question that has become one of the most recurrent: financing or renting.

The truth is that, although cash payment is very widespread in many countries, it is made mainly for second-hand vehicles with affordable prices. It is within the reach of few pockets to get a new car by paying the full amount at the time of purchase. For this reason, Simply Finance cars have been the most feasible option for a brand new car, something that has also been favored by the striking offers that are found in exchange for financing. However, currently there are other options such as renting, which try to find their place and, also, eat ground to traditional solutions.

When to finance the car

Many are already more than used to financed purchases. From the mortgage of the house to the car, going through electrical appliances, cameras, game consoles … It is not only an option for those who cannot pay the total amount, but there are many people who prefer to distribute the payments in different installments.

The financing involves a series of monthly fixed fees and, in some cases, an initial and final payment. As it is a loan, the interest to be paid is included in this series of terms . Therefore, the final price should be higher than the price offered in cash.

However, in recent years exclusive offers have become popular for those who finance the purchase . These promotions are offered by financiers associated with the brand itself. In this way, this price reduction is offset by interest . For this reason, it is very important to study the offer in depth to know if it is interesting or if you can get a better price by paying in cash or by resorting to a bank or traditional finance company .

Buying a financed car implies owning the vehicle , with all that this entails. In this way, the owner must take care of all the expenses: insurance, taxes, maintenance, gasoline… In the same way, the owner can sell the vehicle at any time and thus recover part of the investment.

When to choose renting

Renting is gaining market share by leaps and bounds. Although at first it was seen as an almost exclusive option for professionals, renting for individuals is already a reality and a highly recommended alternative for certain cases. In the case of renting, there is no initial or final payment . It all comes down to a monthly fee for the duration of the contract. This rental usually lasts between two and five years. The duration, the type of vehicle or the maximum annual kilometers are some of the aspects that can increase or reduce the quota.

Avoid the Things You Might Be Doing Wrong with CapitalXp

When you get used to trading, you realize that there are good and bad days. But what if bad start to happen more often? You think it’s a bad luck. Well, we believe that there is a problem you might not notice.

CapitalXp offers you five questions to uncover the problem and the educational tools on their website are likely to help you get rid of it.

Honest answers are essential here. No one else will find them out. So, be true to yourself. A trading plan should not be questioned every time you lose because there may be other reasons. In addition, it’s a way to keep track of your business and avoid the substantial decreases in profit.

First of all, answer yourself if the product you are trading is moving in a way that allows you making the profit with the current method.

The nest question you need to think about is whether you are moving with the trend or against it. It’s essential to stay up-to-date and keep your hand on the pulse. The market is influenced by the news and trends. If you are not aware of either, change it.

One more question concerns the trading plan. Think if you have the rules of entry and exit. Do you follow them? If you create a trading plan, the point will be to stick to it. Otherwise, you’ll simply waste the time creating it.

Question number four makes you focus on your signals. Do you think you are trading all of them or just a few?

The last thing on the list is to ask yourself if you manage the money properly. This is often the mistake of the beginners but the management rules allow you to minimize the risk and save the capital increasing it gradually.

It’s much better to move slower but confidently than win a lot and then immediately lose even more.

Accept that losses happen to everyone. It’s inevitable in this business. Sometimes it’s caused by the changes in the market. In some cases, it’s due to the inefficient trading plan or trader himself. When you analyze the system you are using objectively, you are able to uncover some major problems you haven’t noticed before. Moreover, some methods can turn out to be outdated because the world changed rapidly. Examine your rules, keep your hand on the pulse of the news and leave your emotions out of this business. Then you are sure to become a successful trader.

Understand You Sense of Perfection With Binary Options

Another point to know before embarking on binary options trading is bonuses. Virtually all brokers offer this system, especially as a welcome gift. But instead of being tempted right away, one must first know what is behind.


Bonuses are, in fact, used by brokers as a means of seduction. «Register with us and win 100% bonus! Is a typical advertisement of binary options brokers. Thus, by making a first deposit on his trading account, the new trader can pocket 100% of the amount deposited. This percentage generally varies between 10 and more than 250%, depending on the conditions applied by the broker. In all cases, this bonus is real money and can be used directly in trading. Some brokers also offer it as free trades.

As with most gifts, however, there are specific enjoyment conditions for these bonuses. Generally, brokers impose minimum trade volumes, ranging from 25 to 40 times the bonus amount to be able to withdraw. If these conditions are not respected, the bonus is canceled.

Each trader remains, of course, free to accept or not these bonuses. Before making a decision, the key is to read the bonus withdrawal conditions explained on the portal.

Where to train for binary options?

However, bonus or not, the first step to take before starting trading binary options is to train. Although this type of speculation is the simplest to practice, there are, in fact, some points to master in order to win.

Trading training

So, where to find a reliable training?

Many sites today specialize in training online traders. They offer stock market speculation courses, via different media such as e-books, videos, or even webinars. Some platforms are free, while others require payments at the time of registration, in return for more personalized follow-ups for example.

The majority of brokers also have their own trading academy, allowing beginners to learn directly on their platform. These courses are equally accessible for free, but Premium members can still enjoy other benefits.

In addition to trading training, the trader can also research on his own. The Internet is a veritable mine of information, especially with regard to the binary stock market, many sites provide complete data on the basics, the techniques, or the news to be known. After having acquired the fundamentals of the practice, it is then possible to train via a demonstration account. This type of account allows you to learn about trading tools and speculation in general, without having to take real risks. From also you will find more information.

Online Trading Platforms

An online trading platform is a computer software program that is used to place orders for products. Different financial products such as commodities, currencies and bonds are traded electronically though a communication network among members of the platform.

Financial intermediaries such as brokers and market makers are used to bridge the gap between traders and clients. These platforms stream live market prices on which users trade on while providing account management functions.

Forex etx traders and investors in the United States use the following online trading platform to improve their performance in trade.

1.     SaxoGo

This platform provide an edge for traders in the market. Here, strategies are used as control tests before traders can venture into the actual market. They also have tools used for research to predict changing trends in the market of trading. Forex traders with etx share ideas with more experienced brokers such as the Australian traders using the SaxoGo platform.

This platform has articles, videos and webinars that give basic information to online traders. It also provides branch appointments that can be booked for free. It gives current information of reports and news from market analysts that is very vital for investors and forex traders.

It also incorporates online chart tools to help forex traders with etx carry out trading through the charts regardless of whether they are in the US or not. More guidance is provided through a 24 hour hotline found in this platform. It handles entry level IRAs as well as stock and trade options.

2.     Web platform

Educational tools here make it easier for forex traders with etx to learn more about financial news. Forex traders are able to trade smartly from this platform by leveraging with creative products and intuitive features. The management of portfolios therefore becomes easier.

The platform also has economic calendars for traders with etx to stay up to date with key events that may affect trading. It comes with benefits such as trading commission free for a whole sixty days making it cheaper.

It updates investors on any events affecting future investments such as dividends and earnings. This platform is also responsible for providing investment products covering risks in investing. There is a section set aside for education in this platform to provide skills through practice assessments to traders and investors.

3.     Ally Invest

This platform offers commissions at low cost to high net worth investors and forex traders. They offer quality research for forex traders with etx as well as good tools for trading. In addition to this, the platform stands as unique due to its quality research and tools. By widening the network, it connects traders more with potential markets. It also offers discounts to investors. It offers equity trades at $ 3.95 for users with 30 + trades each quarter.

  1. Thinkorswim

This has superior trading tools as well as powerful resources used to apply the best techniques in trading. It offers securities such as FXI, SPY and GLD making traders free to access more sectors. It offers flexible time schedules for traders to access more potential opportunities for the market. It also has features such as real time data and technical studies used in trading.

5.     Trade Architect

This platform has simple educational interface for learning. Each step elaborates how placing an order is done and gives information about potential strategies that work best while trading. This platform is free to use and offers great commissions for investors.

6.     Options House

Tools used in this platform are more advanced. Its portfolios operate in speed making trading easy. It also provides benefits such as commission free stocks and option trades for trading online. This platform provides customizable charting packages to trade on. Demos are also available in this platform illustrating use of advanced trading strategies.

7.     Fidelity

This platform provides good quality trading research. It provides research from different providers adding more knowledge and skills to forex traders. It also offers some of the most advanced tools and features.