The Toolbox Christmas Gift Project

The Toolbox Christmas Gift Project

Whether you have sons, nephews, or another special person in your life who could use a tool starter kit, starting a Christmas tradition with tools and accessories is a great way to turn an expensive investment into a manageable and enjoyable project. Every homeowner could benefit from a wide assortment of tools, but buying everything needed at one time can get pricey. If you want a fun Christmas gift or stocking stuffer idea, simply invest in one tool or item each year for Christmas. This works well if you have sons or nephews because, by the time they purchase their first house, they will have a workbench full of things necessary to keep the place in great shape. Here is a run-down of the must-haves if you are going to start the toolbox Christmas gift project.

  1. Toolbox.The first item you should purchase is a toolbox. Depending on what your long-term accumulation goals will be, you will want something that is of a good size and has some removable trays. Metal toolboxes tend to endure more wear and tear than plastic ones, but they can get heavy. Consider installing some 4 inch caster wheels on a base assembly, as this will make it easy to maneuver but it also still lets you add to the collection through a stackable option.
  2. Screwdriver Set.This is a versatile purchase that can tighten hardware on cabinets, install switches, open lids for paint cans, or install new curtain rods. A 10 piece set usually provides the most common Phillips-head and slotted sizes, as well as short and long-handle versions for different working spots.
  3. Tape Measure. Invest in a durable and easily handled tape measure to help with measuring wall areas, lumber lengths, or shower rods. There are several length options, and having one of each makes it easier to select the right tool for the project.
  4. Hammer.As if one could live without hammer, but a beginner might not recognize the value in a 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer. The curved claw helps with pulling out nails, while the rest of it is able to assemble new furniture, drive nails for hanging pictures, or building a deck to catch some sun.
  5. Pliers.With different sizes to choose from, straightening bent nails or slicing through wiring just got easier. You can add a pair of tongue and groove, needle-nose side-cutting, and slip-joint pliers.

These items are the foundation of a good starter kit, but you can also add a flashlight, utility knife, duct tape, and level. A toolbox project is a great housewarming gift, a Christmas project, or even college graduation present.

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