Key Features and Benefits of VoIP

Key Features and Benefits of VoIP

Making phone calls over the web using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained in popularity over recent years, becoming more viable thanks to better internet connections. It offers reduced costs, which is the reason many businesses adopt it, but there are other benefits too. Here are some of key reasons why you should seriously consider VoIP for your business.

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Operational Benefits

Cost aside, one of the biggest advantages VoIP offers is greater flexibility for your staff. If they’re working from home or from a remote office, they will still be able to access their calls on the same number and be able to make calls via their business number too. Mobiles can be connected to wholesale AZ VoIP termination systems too, so your employees need never be out of touch.

As with any computer-based system, there’s a good deal of information available in report form when using VoIP: you can track the location and duration of each call, for example, and see which numbers are being used the most to identify spare capacity and more besides.

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This goes hand-in-hand with greater controllability. Setting up system features like voicemail and hold music or automated menu systems is straightforward. Voicemails can be linked to an email alert, calls easily diverted to alternative handsets or mobiles and much more.

Of course, you need good support too, as your telephone system is something that your business is heavily reliant on. Many wholesale AZ VoIP termination providers are more responsive than larger telecoms companies, so they will fix problems quickly. It’s also the case that issues can often be dealt with remotely without the need for an engineer to visit the site.

Security and Resilience

Often people are concerned about the security implications of switching to VoIP. As with any computer system it needs to be properly protected, but provided you include it in your cyber security strategy it shouldn’t be a major issue.

In today’s fast-moving business world, reliability is a vital issue. In a disaster recovery scenario using VoIP is a big advantage, as you can easily connect to the service from another location. Provided you have an internet connection, you can get your operation up and running again fast, and you won’t risk losing out to your competitors through no fault of your own.

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