The latest steps to optimise your SEO within Google’s algorithm

The latest steps to optimise your SEO within Google’s algorithm

With Google constantly revising and updating its algorithms in an attempt to offer web searchers the best possible experience, it is crucial that website owners keep up to date with the latest trends. Optimising your website’s SEO is something that needs to be done regularly to reap the most benefit, so here we suggest three important steps that you need to include as a matter of urgency to keep relevant in the modern world.

1 Mobile friendly

Google has been marking down sites that do not have a responsive website for some time; today, the trend is to adopt a ‘mobile first’ approach. According to Smart Insights, mobiles now account for more than half of all web searches. If your website is not delivering mobile users with a clear and easy-to-view experience, you are harming your business growth prospects.

2 Voice search

Regardless of whether you subscribe to voice-activated technology, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, voice-activated search is becoming increasingly popular with users. This means you need to keep abreast of the sort of search terms that prospective visitors might use and create content that answers the most likely questions to be asked.

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This is still something of a niche area, so you need to make sure you choose a company that delivers a wide range of professional SEO services. Companies such as Elevate UK provide professional SEO services in London and throughout the UK and can devise a suitable strategy for your business that ensures it will attract visitors who are motivated to go ahead and make a purchase. This makes it a worthwhile investment, as you will continue to attract the right type of visitor and push up your sales figures accordingly in the process.

3 A change to guest posts

Using guest posts used to be a great way to acquire backlinks and has traditionally been something that Google has seen as being of benefit to web visitors; however, this is starting to change. Google no longer rewards backlinks on guest posts with higher ratings, so it is time to take a fresh look at your guest post policy. Try to encourage blog posts that add relevant and interesting content that places you as an authority figure in your industry rather than chasing links.

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