Web Design Trends of 2019

Web Design Trends of 2019

Building a beautiful website nowadays isn’t an easy job to do. Back in the days, you didn’t have too many options you can work with, but now creativity and originality are crucial. Many people are just using the design of popular brands, but that doesn’t work always because these brands invested a lot of money and time to make something that will work for only them. New trends are coming every year, and you have to adapt fast in order to be updated.

You shouldn’t do a lot of research before figuring out what to implement into your website. This should be left to professionals if you aren’t experienced because it is very important for your clients. Web design is the part of user experience and user interface which means can attract customers just by looking great. When you are looking for a company like CityTech to do the job for you, always check how professional they are, so you can be certain they are the right fit.

Flat Design

The minimalist design is still very popular and designers are still trying to improve it by using bright colors and clean, open space. Nowadays, it is like a standard for every popular brand to have a flat design which was a trend a few years ago. It’s a big part of user experience because these websites tend to load faster because they are very simple. Those who place a lot of things on their platform are loading slower which annoys the user.

One of the secrets is that illustrations are mostly used because they work better than heavy visuals or large images. Not only it looks better, but there is also better performance. The clients like this because it lets them focus on important things on the page and it’s much easier to navigate. This is even more important for mobile optimized websites because users and clearly see what they need.

Animated Moving Pictures

These moving pictures are also called GIFs. They work great in attracting the customer. When someone visits your page, you have just a small amount of time to gain their attention. If we are talking about a certain product, if you show them in the best way possible how to works, you will have a higher chance of selling it.

For example, apple watch on the website has moving pictures on the watch’s screen. This better illustrates the overall design. Possible buyer will have better insight into the product for a short period. There shouldn’t be too many GIFs implemented into one page, so they can pay the attention to only one thing per page.


We are basically in the future, and we now have a small computer in our pocket. A lot of creators are focusing on improving their mobile design than desktop. More than 70% of people are using their phones more than their computer which means you should invest more in that area. The design is very different and you have to adapt to it. It is more minimalistic and you can’t have every detail like on the desktop website. It’s harder to make a great design for phones, it can be challenging even for the best. But, when you have great platform users will interact with, you will have a great advantage. Read more here.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the things that are becoming more popular every year is the usage of AI. Some popular websites that are used to create your own are using this technology which makes it for you by just selecting a few options like the type of business and design. We can expect in the future that everything is done through artificial intelligence just by saying the word.

The first company that makes this will make a huge profit, but it will have a major impact on creators. It is hard to imagine that an AI will be able to make a unique design, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready for it. Still, designers are doing a great job at improving platforms and users can now have unique experience all over again. We have more 3D images implemented and as the speed of websites grows, we can expect more things to be added.

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