Five Things You Should Keep After a Slip and Fall Accidents

Five Things You Should Keep After a Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere. The floor in the grocery store might be wet after someone spills something, for example, and it can cause you to slip and fall. You could slip and fall on an icy walkway outside of a business or while you’re at work. Regardless of why you might slip and fall, you may want to work with a lawyer. Also, if you are in a slip and fall accident, then you will want to keep some things to help with your case.

Your Clothing

Keep your clothing after your accident. If it’s torn or otherwise damaged, you might think that you should throw it away. It may serve as key evidence in your case, though, and the lawyer from your Shelby, North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm might want it.

Witness Information

Even though everything might be a bit chaotic at the scene of the accident, getting information from any witnesses who are there is smart. You’ll want to give this list to your lawyer. He or she might contact the witnesses to ask them to testify or to get more information about what happened.


In today’s day and age, taking pictures is easy. If you’re like many people, you probably have a smartphone that has a decent camera that you can use to take pictures. Taking pictures of the scene of the accident, your bruises or other injuries and anything else that you think seems relevant may help your case.

Medical Bills

You might receive a stack of medical bills in the mail for all of the services that you may have needed after your accident. You might be tempted to toss them in the garbage out of frustration, particularly if they’re so high that you know that you’ll never be able to pay them. Keeping them and giving them to your lawyer is essential, though, and it’ll make it easy for your lawyer to determine how much money you should get in a settlement to help cover your medical expenses.


Even if you aren’t someone who is usually into writing things in a journal, keeping an accident journal after your slip and fall accident is smart. This gives you a place to document everything related to your accident, including what happened and how you feel from day to day when you’re recovering from your injury. You can document all of this on your computer, in a notebook or on loose paper that you keep together in a folder. How you document everything isn’t what’s important; instead, just making sure that you keep as much information about the accident as possible is the important thing.

There are some things that you should keep after being involved in a slip and fall accident. Of course, if you didn’t keep these things, you should still contact a lawyer; he or she might still be able to help you with your case. However, keeping as much evidence as possible, including these five things and anything else that you might think will be helpful, will help a lot.

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