Tips To Avoid Scam Locksmiths

Tips To Avoid Scam Locksmiths

Over the past couple of decades, the internet has proven to be of great help. It has revolutionized businesses and made the world a smaller place. So much good has come from its creation. However, in the recent past, some bad seeds have been misusing the internet. Most of these individuals have been scamming people for their hard-earned money. They pose as legitimate companies and service providers. Some have even posed as reputable commercial locksmith companies.

For the client, the end user or receiver of the service, this is terrible news. It adds an aspect of mistrust and fear when using the internet to find the best commercial locksmith to handle a project. But before you freak out and vow never to use the internet to search for locksmith services again, below are a few tips to help keep the scam artists at bay.

Research, Research, Research

Before you even think of calling a locksmith to handle your Winnipeg car locks, you should research them. Perform a thorough background check and see if they are reputable. Confirm their office address and licensing. While having internet presence is key to operating a successful business in the 21st century, it does not negate the need for physical premises. A company that does not have an office should not be hired. They can easily disappear on you.


Yes, it’s time to put into practice all the observation skills you picked up from Sherlock Holmes’ movies. Being observant will help you notice when the technicians arrive in non-branded vans. Reputable and genuine locksmiths always operate in company vans. These are always branded. And do not fall for the line, ‘we are allowed to use personal vehicles.’

No locksmith will agree to this. Only con artists will arrive at your premises in an unmarked vehicle.

Upfront Pay

If you need your Winnipeg car locks repaired or replaced and the locksmith insists on getting payment before the service, there are high chances you are dealing with a con. You should never give in to these demands. As a matter of fact, tell the technician to take a hike and call in another professional.

No Credit Cards

Yes, what you see in movies is true. Scammers hate using credit cards. This leaves a paper trail and makes it easy to trace them. For this reason, they will only settle for debit cards or cash.



Look for a locksmith before even needing one

When you do not have the pressure of having something fixed or replaced, you have a better chance of sniffing out cons and scammers. You have breathing room and are not in a rush to find a technician. You can visit their office and research at your own pace.

Legit companies will always be ready and willing to provide you with licensing and insurance information. They will cooperate and ask that you pay them in installments. The last payment will be made once the project is complete. With these tips, you can consider yourself protected from a scammer.

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