Water Softener Installation and Maintenance Tips in Aurora

Water Softener Installation and Maintenance Tips in Aurora

Congratulations on choosing the best water softener. You have passed the first step with flying colours. But you are not done yet. Now, you should focus your efforts on proper installation and maintenance. These are the two most essential elements of ensuring your water softener remains functional for longer. It is vital that you hire a professional for your plumbing in Aurora. The plumbing company you choose should be certified and licensed. Picking one that does not know what the project entails or has limited knowledge of the project could lead to a disaster.

There are lots of companies to choose from. With some research, you should land a great company. But just in case you run into some trouble, below are some tips to help successfully install your water softener.


The point where you decide to install your water softener is critical. To prevent disturbance, installation should be done in a room with minimal traffic. Your garage will work just fine.


Before you embark on the installation process, you should ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment for the task. Some necessary tools include clamps, glue and a drill. These tools will help make the drilling, fixing and fitting part of the process a breeze.

Adhere to the set instructions

If you settle on completing the installation process alone, ensure you follow the instruction manual keenly. Most manuals feature manufacturer contact information. You can get in touch with them in the event you run into any complications. The numbers provided are toll-free and are available to ensure that the installation is done correctly. However, the manual and manufacturer contact details will not replace the need for professional plumbing in Aurora.

Have Some Help

Water softener brine tanks are heavy. You cannot safely handle it on your own. It is advisable to have an installation partner throughout the process. This will make it easier to lift and position the parts of the softener system. With extra help, you can complete the project faster.



Salt Type

It is crucial that you choose the right type of salt for maintenance. Yes, it is tempting to settle for standard rock salt. After all, it is inexpensive. But despite the temptation, you should prefer pure salt infused with an iron remover.

Using rock salt will, after a while, cause the brine tank’s control valve to clog. In the long run, you will end up spending a lot more than if you had invested in pure salt from the start.

Add the Right Amounts

Do not attempt to add more salt to the salt tank until all or almost all the salt in the tank is used. And when refilling, be careful only to fill the tank up to the two-thirds mark.

The above tips will help to ensure that you are on the right track. But even then, you should not burden yourself with installations and maintenance. Hire a professional to handle these processes. Numerous companies are available and will handle the process for you at an affordable cost.

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