Considerations when ordering pallet racking

Considerations when ordering pallet racking

Pallet racking is an essential but fre quently overlooked aspect of any working warehouse or storage facility. It may not be as glamorous as automated warehouse robots or SMART systems, but you simply can’t run a warehouse without industrial pallet racking. If you’re in the process of setting up or renovating your warehouse, it’s probably time to think about the racking system that you want to install. Here is a look at the top considerations when ordering industrial racking.

The products

How heavy or large are the products that you will be storing? This will affect the strength and material that the racking needs to offer. The larger and heavier the products are, the more robust you will need the racking to be. You may also need additional bracing to hold the racking system up for particularity heavy items. If the product is likely to overhang from the pallet sides, the racking will need to be wider than the pallets.

The pallets

What material pallets will you be using: wooden or plastic? This can affect the kind of racking system you need. There are advantages and disadvantages to all pallet materials, so choose wisely.

Physical site

How big is your warehouse or storage facility? Are there any nooks and crannies where you can squeeze extra modular shelving in? Are you making the most of the space you have with your current shelving? Are there any spaces where shelving can be installed higher up on the wall? Measure the site and try to imagine what you can do with the space.

Plan your racket shelving

Most good pallet racking can be fully adapted to your needs. Before you get started or make any pallet racking purchases, draw a plan of the perfect pallet racking system. Using the information you have gained regarding products and pallets, you can work out the gap you need between the shelves and whether you will need additional bracing. Only put the racking systems together once you have designed them on paper.

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As you can see, there’s more to buying pallet racking than meets the eye. Remember to check off these key considerations before you make your next purchase.

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