Tips for Buying the Best Safe for Your Home in Vancouver

Tips for Buying the Best Safe for Your Home in Vancouver

Unfortunately, buying a safe is not as simple as walking into your local store and picking one up off the shelf. Before you spend your money, there are some considerations you ought to make. It is essential you take your time in the choosing process. Why? Well, chances are, you might have underestimated your needs. Making the below considerations will help put things into perspective and ensure you invest in the right safe. If you can, you should also get advice from your residential locksmith in Vancouver.

Adhere to the 10% Rule

The golden rule of thumb when purchasing brawn safes is to spend at least 10% of the value of the item you are protecting. This means that you should remove a zero from the value of the object being protected. This number should be your base budget.

It does not make sense to use a super expensive safe to protect a cheap and easily replaceable item. The reverse is also true. There is no point in protecting something of high value with an inferior, low cost safe.

Heavy is Great

It is advisable that you get a heavy safe. Below are some reasons to justify this.

First, heavy brawn safes are challenging to move. Most of these have proven challenging to reposition, let alone move. Most burglars will first try to carry the safe away and try and open it from elsewhere. If they cannot, they will try to get it on the ground and try and pry it open.

Second, weight contributes significantly to the effectiveness of the safe, as well. Any residential locksmith in Vancouver can attest to this. Lighter safes mean they are constructed from lighter materials, which are easier to break open. That said, you should note that there is a big difference between lockboxes and brawn safes. The bottom line is, strength offers superior security.

Anchor the Safe

Many individuals are against bolting safes to their floors. Others cannot fathom the idea of securing it to their walls. But as mentioned above, most burglars will first try taking the entire safe. Anchoring your safe protects against this and makes a burglar’s job even harder.

When purchasing a safe, consider the space you are working with. Do you have sufficient space to anchor your safe? If you do, then proceed with the purchase. You should ensure that the anchoring is done right after purchase. Call in a residential locksmith in Vancouver  to handle this for you. A professional will do this job efficiently and in the right way. The installation will be done right and with minimal damage to your home’s interior.

Consider Humidity

Most safes are susceptible to moisture. They rust. Before you purchase a safe, make sure it is moisture proof. If it is not, you should consider installing a dehumidifier in your home.

That said, if you are storing important documents, you should ensure that the safe is waterproof. This way, even when the safe is submerged in water, your documents will remain safe. These tips will ensure you get through the choosing process. There is a bit more information you might need like safe type and lock options, but all these things can be covered with some research.

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